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About Us

Formerly known as "Beauty Tips of Rochester" - we are a friendly, family-run salon established in 1991.

Originally based in Rochester High Street, we moved location in 1994 to our beautiful salon on North Street we know today. Our highly experienced team still actively train in pioneering new systems to offer clients the very best service.

Read below for more information on our Salon Team (excuse the photos, we're all shy!) and view the amazing timeline of the building and it's journey through a top-to-bottom makeover!

Meet The Team



When new and exciting acrylic nail services arrived from the USA in the 1980's Tracey was one of the first to learn the trade when it was introduced in the UK; she then started up the family business in Rochester High Street in 1991 with her mum, Sylvia.

Tracey moved to Spain and lived there for 10 years which is where she brought up her daughter Talia and extended her training. On her return to the UK, Tracey trained as a Chiropodist which is when she worked as a Community Chiropodist in Oxford for 9 years and she loved it!


Sylvia retired in 2015 which is when Tracey took over the business again, giving the salon it's new name. Since this time Salonesque has welcomed a foot clinic and is now a fully aesthetic salon - we offer a huge portfolio of innovative treatments.

She is an ambassador for PlasmaPen UK and is highly qualified in Skin Science amongst many other things!

Tracey provides a number of services

and is highly trained in:

Cosmetic Injections, Dermal Fillers, PRP Therapy, Chiropody, Permanent Makeup, Vitamin B12 Injections,

Microsuction and Ear Wax Removal, Nail Technology,

Friboblast Plasmology (Skin Tightening)

and Lesion/Skin Tag Removal.


Talia is Tracey's daughter and Sylvia's granddaughter.

Her career started in the hospitality industry until she made the move to join the family business in 2016.

She currently works 3 days a week while she raises her beautiful daughter and also works for another Jackson family business.

Her main passion and speciality is in all-things Brows and can provide many treatments; She has recently trained to become an HD Colour Expert and can offer anything from a Brow Tidy, HD Brows, Lamination, Henna Brows, HD Brow Lightening, BBrows Hybrid Stain and Microblading. She offers advanced nail services such as UV Gel Polish, Freehand Nail Art, Builder Gel, NSI Polydip and Acrylic Extensions.



Rhianna has been working at Salonesque since early 2022 whilst she studied for her Beauty Therapy NVQ Level 4.


Now a fully-qualified Beauty Therapist, there is nothing but a bright future ahead! Rhianna specialises in Nail Services, Pedicures, Brows and Lashes, Luxury Facials

and Laser Treatments and she works Tuesday to Saturday.



Sarah is Tracey's long-time friend and sister-in-law! She worked at Beauty Tips over 25 years ago and made a return to help cover maternity leave despite running her own business - she's caught the beauty bug and now she's here to stay! She works Tuesdays and Thursdays.

She is a very experienced technician and fully trained in UV Gel Polish, Builder Gel, NSI Polydip, Acrylic Extensions, Freehand Nail Art, Pedicures and has recently trained

in Microsuction and Ear Wax Removal with Tracey.

Salon - The History

When we first acquired this property in 1994, this was how the rear looked. Derelict for years, we hacked away 12 feet of overgrown trees to gain access.

Originally a row of 3 cottages, 2 wooden and one brick, (surviving some that were demolished in the back yard previously).  We think it is around 350 years old.

After the initial restoration,

it looked like this.

There were holes in the roof

and walls, no glass intact and

not a scrap of piping, lead

or cable remained.  

Children had tried to burn it down and squatters had

covered the floors with

dirty needles and beer bottles.

The second major facelift was May 2017 to March 2018.  The money pit is now how we fondly refer to the place!

The salon refurbishment began in 2014 and the upstairs was also redone 2016 to 2017.  There are still 2 rooms untouched since we arrived which are next to be renovated.

This was originally the back kitchen of the old Bistro, which was the last business before it fell into dereliction. The original floor is still in place but was too damaged, we now have a new clinic floor.

After we took over the building, it was used as a massage therapy room. Today it is home to our Chiropody Clinic, First Aid Area and Hairwash Station.

All boarded up for many years slowly decaying until we were allowed to renovate. Squatters had been here, the lead and pipes were gone, children had set fire to it more than once...

This is what it looks like today!

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